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Pro Meal Prep is founded based on the idea that healthy living goes hand-in-hand with healthy eating. However, eating healthy is usually the last thing people make time for in their busy schedules. Pro Meal Prep is a meal prep solution for those that want to live a fast-paced lifestyle while eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods without sacrificing flavor. If you want to look great and feel great, start by visiting our pre-made meal choices. We also have bulk options to order and custom items available upon request.

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Pro Meal Prep was created from the love of cooking and the love for fitness!

Pro Meal Prep creates nutritious and affordable meals to help anyone reach above and beyond their fitness goals. In 2015, my wife (and mother of three children) decided to make a life change and start leading a healthy lifestyle. She got a personal trainer, exercise program and a meal plan. Me, being a chef I helped with cooking the meals and had her meals prepped for her every week. All she had to do was heat them up.

In the months to come, I fell victim to the fitness lifestyle and started to hit the gym. While spending my time in the gym I started to notice a trend of horrified faces from people eating their meals after workouts. I started to ask questions and soon realized the one thing people didn’t like about their work out was the food!

My wife always told me how everyone always commented on how good her meals looked and how they wished they had someone to make their meals. It wasn’t long until I started getting meal plans emailed to me and seeing happier faces at the gym. Not long after that I created Pro Meal Prep as a service to all the fitness minded people too busy to spend hours in the kitchen cooking their meal plans.

I believe anyone can accomplish anything if handed the right tools! With dedication, commitment, and perseverance no one can be stopped from achieving their goals. Pro Meal Prep fuels your body with the nutrition and energy it needs to perform beyond expectations.


Pre-Made Meals

Choose from our large and extensive pre-made meal menu. We have various assortments of proteins, carbs and fats to help you hit your macro goals.

Custom Meals

Prepping for a show or following a strict diet? Submit your meal plan and we will create your weekly meals for you! Get time back so that you can focus on you.

Bulk Orders

Needing a larger quantity of a specific food? Choose from our selection of bulk items available for purchase by the pound! Save prep time by buying from us.

Want more choices? View all of our pre-made meal options!

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